Monday, July 18, 2005

Just so you don't lose sleep over this

Here is what made my David Blaine moment possible.

After the hostess walked us to the table, I quickly excused myself to the restroom and there I was pleasantly surprised to run into my HS classmate. Barely recognized him because he trimmed down so much.

It was there I got the idea of staging this whole scripted reunion. Told him the exact location of our table and he was to casually walk by it two minutes later, which was how I was able to pin point the exact time of his appearance. I returned the favor by walking by the table where he was dining with his wife. He couldn't keep a straight face and the wife picked up on our ploy right away.

My date on the other hand still doesn't know. Haven't talked to her in years, so unless she finds her way to my blog, that is.

Isn't that the cheesiest thing you've ever heard or what?


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