Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Must be a slow news day

Picked up a box of popping corn while shopping at Costco tonight. This on the narrow side of the box caught my attention:


Has the cheesy net lingo invaded the real world outside the Internet and cell phones?

"OMG" Cholesterol?

What is there to OMG about when it comes to Cholesterol? My doctor just lectured to me again about watching my life style to lower the Cholesterol levels, and I had to lie to him about my diet. Now a box of popping corn taunts me with a silly Internet acronym?

What's next? Shampoo bottles screaming, "LOL baldness"? Sorry, can't come up with a better analogy. It was a long first day at work.

Upon further review, the box does not read OMG. It actually reads 0mg which stands for zero milligrams. In this country, you won't see metric units used much outside of nutritional data in fine print on food products, so what else was I supposed to think? I am not a nutrition geek.

But then, if they used the ounce which is abbreviated oz, the box would read "0oz Cholesterol." That is just gross.

I think I spend too much time hating on the cheesy net lingo.

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